Social Media Older Adults

Social media older adults, could they be a parent?

My Mum & Dad, were 60 years married today!

It’s sad my dad’s in hospital but that’s how it goes when you’re 86.

UPDATE: My dad sadly passed away on their wedding anniversary!

I wouldn’t be the husband, parent or person I am today without them.

They may not see this post because social media isn’t a big part of their life.

Do you know Ann or Brian Bandy, an old friend or even someone who went to the wedding in 1957?

60 years of life together is pretty incredible.

What do your parents think of social media? Have they embraced it or do they avoid it at all costs?

Do you work for a boss who doesn’t understand social media and its benefits?

I’ve helped my mum understand the very basics of Facebook so she can keep up to date with what I’m up to.

She can also check in and see what some of her friends are up to because some have a profile.

Social Media Older Adults in Business

Social media older adults, could they be your boss!

I’m helping Bridle Eyecare near Reading with their online marketing.

Social Media is important to them and they understand some of its benefits already.

I’ve helped to optimise their Facebook Page and explained how and what to post.

It helps that the receptionist has a profile and has the basic knowledge in place.

Are you a retail business who’s tried social media marketing? Not getting the results? Aren’t the phones ringing more as a result? Contact us and we could help you.

Specs Opticians based in Brighton are also a client of ours. We’re helping with their Instagram and Facebook page.

Both Bridle and Specs are very different opticians looking to target their local customers.