Every now and then within the 1000’s of idea’s there’s a very good idea.

This is one of them.

So please read on, just a few minutes of your time could make your company even more successful.

There are 1000’s of loyalty schemes encouraging the consumer to collect points. The disadvantage is that it’s become boring.

And also, points like £’s are not much of an incentive.

What made Air Miles successful was that the consumer started to collect something of value.

Miles in the air!

So instead of collecting points you collected miles until you had enough for a flight.

From this basis we came up with something different, instead of collecting points you collect minutes in the sun.

We called it ‘Sunshine Minutes’.

Just think, every time a customer makes a purchase, they could also be getting 1000’s of minutes on a Caribbean beach.

Every pound they spend earns a minute in the Sun.

And 5000 minutes is a week in the Sun.

A Sunshine Minute towards a sunshine holiday.

20 minutes in the Sun is more of an incentive than 20p!

Like to know more….?

Please contact Nick Bandy on 07584422117 or nick@sunshineminutes.com